Innovation in Teaching
The Department also set afloat its first Research Journal Tasalsul during the year 1998 and the first two issues were released by the Hon'ble Chief Minister Jb. Farooq Abdullah. It has been widely appreciated for its standard. By now its 17 issues have reached the hands of readers.

Teaching-Learning and Evaluation Schedule
The Department prepares its own teaching learning and evaluation schedule every year which clearly delineates not only the teaching learning activities to be undertaken during the week but also the evaluation methods to be adopted when required. For instance a copy of the time table given below here with not only shows the days and timing of the class-work.

Assessment of students knowledge before commencement of teaching
There is no such provision. However, it is done by the teachers themselves individually before the class work actually starts. Sometimes, he does so before the start of his lecture by putting some questions to the students so that he can assess their knowledge and start accordingly.

Teaching Learning Methods
Yes, most of the teachers turn their lecture into a discussion. The teacher starts with an introductory note and leads the students into a discussion. The main ideas or points which emerge during the discussion are summarized by the teachers at the end of the period for 0 minutes.
Sometimes a teacher circulates main points of his next day lecture among the students and asks them to come prepared for the discussion. Such discussions usually prove very healthy.

Other methods of Learning experience
1. Through class room talks by Guest Faculty.
2. Seminars organized at National or International level.
3. Frequent interactions with the teachers outside the class.
4. Through Audio-visual activities, showing films documentaries etc.