The Department envisages to introduce the following new Courses during the next five years.
(i) One Year Diploma in Urdu Poetics : which will enable the students to evaluate and appreciate the poetic compositions in a befitting manner and also gain competence to exploit, to the fullest extent, their poetic skills bestowed upon them by nature in appreciable measure.

(ii) Courses in comparative studies : The UGC lays much stress on introduction of comparative courses at Post Graduate Level. To meet this requirement the Department intends to introduce the following compulsory courses in comparative studies:
(a) Comparative Study of Urdu-English Drama.
(b) Comparative Study of Urdu-Dogri poetry.
(c) Comparative Study of Urdu-French Novel etc.

iii) Diploma in Urdu Imla and Pronunciation : For the successful implementation of this course establishment of a full fledged laboratory would be imperative where the ears of the students are trained to grasp the nuances of words as well as their sounds.

iv) Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses : The Department would also like to organize orientation and Refresher Course for the Career Development of the faculty members. This would provide them fresh exposure to the new developments taking place in the Urdu world and in other sister languages and make them abreast of the latest knowledge available in the fields.