Efforts have been made to enhance the quality of the following by introducing some innovations as given below :-


1. Made more research oriented.
2. Lecture turned into discussion to ensure complete involvement of students.


1. Scholars were encouraged to speak on their subjects periodically and discuss their findings with the teachers and scholars.
2. Also made use internet facility to make themselves abreast of the work done by others in their field, if any.
3. Ensured accessibility of library facility for 12 hours a day.


The consultancy objectives were also achieved in a way although not in that way as are done by MBA or MCA Departments. For instance, some of the Urdu Departments of various Universities in the country and Pakistan consulted the Department about professional courses with a view to introducing the same in their Institutions. These institutions include the Urdu Department of Sindh University, Jamsharoo, Pakistan. They also obtained copies of Syllabus from us.