In addition to academic activities Department also took lead in organizing National Seminars, Conferences, Symposia and Extension lectures etc which provided enough opportunities to the teachers, students and scholars of the Department to interact with the leading personalities of the country like Prof. Ehtsham Hussain, Prof. Ale-Ahmed Suroor, Prof. Mohi-ud-Djn Qadri Zore, Prof. Abdul Qadir Surwari, Prof. Firaq Gorakhpuri, Prof. Mohd. Hasan, Prof. Kh. Ahrned Farooqi etc. Besides, the teachers, students and scholars of the Department also got opportunities to listen to the scintillating strains of poets like Firaq Gorakhpuri, Taban, Bashir Badar, Wahid Akhter, Josh Malsiani, Sardar Jafri, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Kaifi Azmi and others who paid visits to the State in connection with poetic symposiums from time to time.
The Department also staged dramas on various occasions, which were widely appreciated by a galaxy of people like Shere-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, G.M. Sadiq and S. Mohd. Qasim.

Statement of extracurricular activities
1. Sir Syed Day Celebrations : A lecture by Prof. Zahur-ud-Din is being organized on Oct 31, 2006.
2. Iqjal Day Celebrations : An Extension lecture by Prof. Khursheed Hamra Siddiqui will be organized on 9th of Nov, 2006 in connection with the birth anniversary celebrations of Allama lqbal.
3. Urdu Day Celebration : The Urdu Departments of the Universities in the country organized Urdu Day Celebrations on 11th of November every year which is also the birth day of Maulana Abu-al-Kalam Azad, the first Education Minister of India. Hence, the Department intends to organize various programmes on the day reffered to above, such as, extension lecture by Prof. Zahur-ud-Din and debating/quiz competitions etc. by the students of the Department.
4. Ghalib Day Celebrations : The birth anniversary of Mirza Ghalib falls in the month of December, hence, the Department proposes to organise Ghalib Day Celebrations in the month of December, 2006. A lecture by Prof. Nusrat Choudhary, HOD. Urdu will be delivered in December, 2006 and seminar/debating competition would be organized by the students of the Department.
5. Comparative study of Urdu and English literatures : A lecture by Prof Deepshika Kotwal, HOD English will be organized in January, 2007.
6. Urdu and Hindi Comparative Study : An extension lecture by Prof. Neelam Saraf, HOD 1-lindi, will be organized in the month of Febuary, 2007.
7. Urdu Dogri Comparative Study : A lecture by Prof. Archna Kesar would be organized in the month of March, 2007.
8. Scholars Seminar : A Seminar would be organized in the month of March, 2007 in which only the Ph.D, M.Phil Scholars of the Department will participate and present their papers on the subjects of their research programme.