More than 100 dissertations have been written by the M.A and M.Phil Scholars so far. The number of PhD and M.Phil Scholars produced during the last 41 years is more than 60.

Initiation Of Research Journal
The Department also set afloat its first Research Journal Tasalsul during the year 1998 and the first two issues were released by the Hon'ble Chief Minister Jb. Farooq Abdullah. It has been widely appreciated for its standard. By now its 17 issues have reached the hands of readers.

Strengthening of Research Facilities
Research is the backbone of academic and intellectual growth of any P.G. Programme. The Department would, therefore, take the following steps to augment research activities:-
(i) Give preference to such topics of research as have contemporary relevance and potential to ensure the growth of knowledge in the field.
(ii) Ensure library facility round the clock.
(iii) Ensure the accessibility of Internet facility round the clock.
(iv) Ensure the availability of important literary and research journals.

Thrust Areas of Research
The thrust areas of research are:-
(i) Studies in comparative literature.
(ii) Editing of old manuscripts.
(iii) Post-modern literary trends.
(iv) Structuralism and post structuralism.
(v) Globalization and Urdu literature
(vi) lmpact of Electronic Media on Urdu language and literature.
(iiv) Commercialization and Urdu literature.

Projects to be undertaken
The department also intent to undertake individually or collectively the following projects of contemporary relevance during the next 5 years:
i) Role of electronic media in the development of Urdu language & literature.
ii) Development of Urdu language & literature in Europe & America.
iii) Projection of new western literary trends (After 1980) in Urdu literature.
iv) Comparative studies :- Indo European Drama, Indo-European Fiction, Indo-European Literacy Criticism, Indo-American Literature, Indo-Russian & Indo-Japanese Literature.

Faculty Participation in Research
Faculty Participation in Research is ensured by:
(i) Encouraging them to undertake minor or major research projects under the UOC schemes.
(ii) Making them to contribute research articles to various literary Research Journals of the country periodically.
(iii) Organizing seminars on important subjects of contemporary relevance and ensuring their active participation in them.

Students participation In Research
The department promotes participation of students in research activities in many ways, such as:
(i) Writing dissertations for the award of M.A. and M.Phil Degrees. However, it is not an elective subject at P.O. Level
(ii) Organizing special seminars solely for them and making them present papers on important subjects.
(iii) Recognizing good research work of the scholars by honouring them with special literary research awards.

Research Funding
The Department has only two sources of research funding (i) UOC and (ii) The University.